Planning your first-ever solo trip?

Or are you gearing up for that much-awaited great travel vacation with your family?

Well, no matter the vacation, the one thing that always stumps us is the packing list! Choosing essential travel gear is THE most confusing thing ever. And as the items keep varying with the nature of vacation, it simply adds to our dilemma!

Think you are in a fix?

Can’t decide what to pack in, after your travel insurance, tickets and passport?

Well, let us offer you some ideas here… and peace of mind!

Must-Have Travel Gear For Family Vacations

Amidst the extensive planning before a family vacation, don’t forget to include these ten must-have travel gear.

  • Family luggage: Robust, hard-shell suitcases that you can smoothly pull along, are ideal for family trips. These are suited for all kinds of vacations and are typically low-maintenance. The ones which spin around on all four wheels are especially convenient. And they are found in lightweight carry-on only types to bigger sizes.
  • Kids’ luggage: Kids love to feel like grown-ups! So let them have their own luggage too. Bring out their compact and cute, colorful carry-on bags and backpacks. You will be amazed at how excited they get to manage their bags and pack their belongings!
  • Clothes: Needless to say, your vacation attire will totally depend on the destination and the season. Packing for a winter ski vacation will be very different from packing for a beach vacation, or a hike. But make sure to carry extra undergarments, socks, shorts, swimwear, and sweaters.
  • Travel towels: Quick-drying towels are one of the best travel gear, no matter what type of trip you are about to take. Whether it is a road trip with your family or a cruise that you are going to board, lightweight quick-dry towels can save many hassles.
  • Packing cubes: If you plan to share luggage with your spouse, packing cubes will make a world of difference. You can pack your clothes separately in color-coded groups and save your luggage from becoming a messy box of clothes. Moreover, you might also be able to reduce some luggage on your trip.
  • Baby carrier: It’s not always comfortable to carry your baby in your arms, especially when you are on daylong explorations or hiking. A baby carrier is the best baby travel gear for such situations, designed for sheer convenience. Think it’s an unnecessary burden? The benefits outweigh the sheer weight!
  • Reusable water bottle: Traveling overseas, you need to be wary of water-borne diseases, right? And buying drinking water may not be feasible at all times. But with reusable water bottles, you won’t have to worry about clean and hygienic drinking water anymore. Refill your bottle as and when you need it. Simple!
  • Card games: What’s the best way to beat the boredom while waiting for the next connecting flight? Card games, yes! A deck of cards is lightweight and simple, yet super fun. You can unite the whole family with just card games even when there is no TV around or internet for passing time.
  • Wipes and Ziplocs: Take no chances with hand sanitizer wipes, baby wipes, and plastic Ziploc bags. You never know when you need them, but you are going to need them at some time! From travel sick kids to sweaty socks and wet swimsuits – Ziploc bags are your go-to items.
  • Pet accessories: A family vacation obviously includes your pets. To ensure their comfort and safety, there is no better option than cat or dog travel gear. The best travel accessories for pets include travel bags for their belongings, car backseat covers, water bowls, and travel wipes. And if your pet hates walking, a pet travel gear like a backpack to carry them will be perfect!

Must-Have Travel Gear For Solo Trips

To travel solo like a pro, you must pack these ten items without fail.

  • Rolling suitcase: If this is your first solo trip, we recommend you invest in a hard-shell suitcase with all wheels spinning. Trust us, this travel gear luggage will be your best friend no matter how adventurous your trip gets. Come rain, sun, or snow, your rolling drag-along suitcase will see you through a lifetime of solo trips!
  • Foldable backpack: After check-in at the hotel, when you set out and about, a travel backpack is all that you will need. Just put the bare essentials into it and you’ll be good to go. A foldable ballistic nylon backpack is especially suitable since you can tuck it into your suitcase when you’re not using it.
  • Multipurpose shoes: Solo trips are all about packing light and smart. Seriously, there is no point in carrying a dozen pairs of shoes thinking “just in case”! Wear comfortable sneakers and carry a multipurpose pair as extras. Just make sure the extra is waterproof and comfortable enough for long walks.
  • Reusable plastic bags: Again, plastic sealable bags like Ziploc pouches are the most versatile travel gear that you can think of. Available in the tiniest of sizes to large ones, these plastic pouches are perfect for carrying medicines, chargers, cell phones, toiletries… and can even support you at times when you feel car sick. Keep a few extras, you won’t regret it!
  • Customized medicine kit: The better prepared you are for emergencies, the smoother your solo trip will be. And if you have known health conditions, you must carry appropriate medication to travel healthy. Make sure to include first-aid also, and don't forget to get your doctor's transcript for prescription drugs.
  • Water bottle: Water solves almost all problems, be it jet lag or dehydration. And for that, you need to carry a durable, leak-proof water bottle and drink enough water. Buying packaged water can be a hassle at times, so a lightweight bottle is a way to go.
  • Universal adapter: Universal adaptors will keep you connected to the rest of the world. You simply cannot afford to drain off your phone battery when traveling solo. With a universal adaptor, bid goodbye to worries about finding the right socket to charge your phone. Depend on nobody, carry your own universal adaptor and never run out of battery.
  • Travel locks: Make sure to carry travel locks, for those times when you leave your luggage at your hostel room. Nowadays TSA travel locks have gained enormous popularity. These are easy to use and provide excellent security.
  • Quick-dry towels:  Heavy wet towels are too much of a hassle and too messy to carry in your backpack when you are always on the go. Enter quick-dry travel towels. Quick-dry towels are perfect for keeping the fuss out of your solo trip and maximizing the enjoyment.
  • Multi-purpose knife: A stainless steel pocket knife is a tiny but power-packed trip essential. You can use it in various ways- to open a beer can or a wine bottle and cut fresh farm fruits. And very importantly, you can use it for self-defense too!

Must-Have Travel Gear For Camping Trips

Your camping and trekking trips will be way less troublesome when you have the following travel gear.

  • GPS: With a GPS device, you can accurately pinpoint your exact location. It will also save you in case you get disoriented in a new place. You might want to carry a map and a traditional compass, but then you must know how to decipher them!
  • Rucksack: A solid rucksack or backpack helps keeps your things organized and handy. Make sure to get one that is waterproof, light, and comes with padded straps that sit comfortably on your shoulders.
  • Extra food and water: In case of unprecedented changes of plans, it is always to be well-prepared in advance. It is always good to carry extra food items like snack bars and dry fruits and ensure that you have enough water to last the entire trip.
  • First-aid: First-aid should feature high in your list of travel gear must-haves for camping or trekking trips. If you want pre-assembled kits, there are plenty available. But make sure to add foot-creams and insect repellants for better coverage.
  • Power bank: To keep your GPS device, Bluetooth speakers, and smartphone functional, you need a charged-up power bank. You don't know when a power socket will be available next, so carrying a power bank is essential.
  • Boots: While sneakers are the best when it comes to long-haul travels, you need boots specially designed for trekking and hiking. If you don't have them already, please invest in a good pair that is sturdy, lightweight, and waterproof, and offers a steady grip on different surfaces.
  • Sun protection: Sunscreens are a must, they say, even indoors! And you will be camping and trekking all-outdoors; so make sure to invest in a good SPF. Also, don't leave out your sunglasses, hats, and sun-protective garments.
  • Flashlight: While camping in the woods or returning to your tent after a daylong hike, a powerful flashlight will be your best friend in the darkness and wilderness; it can save you from many horrors and ordeals. Many travelers also prefer headlamps for a hands-free experience. But you should stick to your convenience.
  • Trekking attire: Along with trekking or hiking shoes, you should also carry appropriate clothing. Garments made of breathable fabric, cargos with many pockets, and quick-dry trekking pants are perhaps the most suitable for these trips. Also, do pack in some extra garments, in case the weather changes suddenly and turns rainy or too chilly.
  • Extra batteries: If you plan to carry a separate GPS device that runs on batteries, make sure to pack in extra batteries too. Extra batteries will also be needed for your flashlight.

We all deserve a vacation to charge up our batteries! But whether it is a family vacation or trekking or solo trip, picking the wrong travel gear can easily make or break the whole spirit of traveling. With this readymade list of must-haves for different trips, nothing can stop you from enjoying your well-deserved vacation to the fullest! And we at Voyayge, will offer you just that - fun to the fullest!