Pets are family, need we say more?

People who love traveling are always finding ways to travel with their pets. While it’s not always possible there are ways in which one can plan to include pets on their trips. From finding pet-friendly hotels to activities that can be done with pets, there are a lot of things to plan for.

We got into a conversation with one of our travel designers Cynthia Anne about adventures with her adorable dog Winston. She is an avid traveler and has written a children’s book ‘Winston the Traveling Dog’ to introduce children to the joy of traveling and exploring the world. She had lots of great tips about traveling with pets and how to make it safe and enjoyable for the entire family.

We love Winston. He’s adorable and always seems like he’s having fun! What’s his story? When did he become a part of the family?

My mom bought Winston from a breeder in the Midwest after our other dog, Bandit, passed away. Winston had to take a plane ride as a puppy to get to us in Arizona, so I guess you can say he’s been traveling his whole life!

Winston features in a children’s book written by you. Can you tell us a bit more about the book?

Winston the Traveling Dog” is about a brave pup named Winston and his adventures abroad. With the use of full-color photo illustrations, you can travel along with Winston as he visits popular sites in London, Paris, and Italy. Children will learn the importance of embracing different cultures, cityscapes and cuisines, all the while making new friends along the way.

In the book, Winston also learns the importance of venturing outside his comfort zone and the rewards that often come with trying new things. The inspiration behind this book started when I had just finished my travel photography website,, and subsequently lost my job due to covid. With the abundance of free time I suddenly had, my friend joked about editing Winston into my travel photos and I sort of ran with it. Fast forward a year later and here we are!

Does Winston travel or go on day road trips?

Winston has not actually left the country but he does travel to our second home in Georgia quite a bit. It’s a 3-day drive from Arizona and he really enjoys road trips. He loves being in the car, except when he realizes he’s going to the groomers.

What are the challenges you experience while traveling or exploring with him, and how do you manage?

Winston can be challenging because he loves to bark at other dogs. This often makes it difficult to bring him places. We are working on it!

As an avid traveler yourself, are there any destinations you have felt are very pet-friendly?

Los Angeles is probably the most pet-friendly place I’ve been. I feel like everyone brings their dogs everywhere there. Colorado is pretty dog friendly, as well.

Traveling with pets often requires a lot of planning. What would you recommend pet owners to prepare for before embarking on a trip with their pets?

I’d definitely recommend having some sort of car seat for dogs if planning a road trip. Too many dogs get injured each year in car related accidents so it’s important to be safe when driving with them. I’d also recommend researching pet-friendly hotels or restaurants ahead of time since it’s never safe to leave a dog alone in a car.

What kind of transport is best suited for pets, especially dogs?

I’d say the car whenever possible. Air travel sometimes can’t be avoided but whenever possible I try to choose travel by car. It’s less overwhelming for pets since they’re in their own space.

Any tips on how pet owners should select pet-friendly hotels? Or pet-friendly attractions while in a new city?

I love using because they have a pet-friendly filter. This makes it really easy to narrow down hotels that allow animals.

Does Winston have any favorite toys he loves to keep him company while going on car rides or longer trips?

Our other dog, Sparrow! They often cuddle during long car rides.

If a traveler has never ventured on a trip with their pet, how would you recommend they start exploring with their furry companions?

I’d recommend starting off with somewhere nearby and for a shorter duration of time. It can be overwhelming for pets to be in a new location and you’ll want to get them used to it before doing longer trips.

There you go! Traveling with pets is quite possible and even easy, with some preparation in advance. Travel designers at Voyay!ge can help you plan a pet-friendly vacation with recommendations for pet friendly hotels, restaurants that allow pets on their premises, and activities that allow pets to tag along! Sign up on the website and hire a travel designer who can help plan the perfect vacation for you and your furry companion.