A lot goes into planning a vacation – time, money, even mental health. Depending on the type of vacation many travelers plan - anywhere from days and weeks to months - in advance. Then you go through taking time off work and other commitments to ensure you get to relax and make the best of your vacation. The biggest challenge to a good vacation comes from poor planning, you don’t want to be in a destination after taking all that time and spending that money to not make the most of it.

We believe that a travel planner will help you have the best time of your life on your next vacation and here’s why.

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1) Save time on research and planning

A traveler spends around 30+ hours researching material for an average weekend trip. Any additional trip days and the time spent researching keeps adding up, imagine the hours that could be saved. After all, time is money!

Travelers have so many resources to plan a trip – blogs, vlogs, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, recommendations from family and friends – that it’s exhaustive to get all the inputs and plan a perfect trip.

A travel designer will take the burden off you and do all the heavy lifting to give you a detailed itinerary. You could be saving all those hours instead to relax and yet know that you won’t be missing out on stuff to do on your trip.

2) Efficient planning of logistics

If you have traveled for leisure, then you will know that it’s very difficult to optimize time spent on vacation. You usually face a lot of issues like organizing sightseeing by distance, opening and closing times, open days, and transport between activities.

You will have to spend a lot of time on planning your travel days and it gets worse if you are unfamiliar with the destination. Google search can only help you so much, except ofcourse if you are a Google ninja!

A travel designer from Voyayge on the other hand will offer you the best itinerary that is effortless and easy to execute. They will cluster your sightseeing spots, give you the best way to go from Point A to Point B, and suggest the best way to do it.

Me and my wife agreed that if this is our only trip to Japan in our lifetime, one of the thing that we should do is trying out Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kyoto. It was quite pricey but it was worth it. I managed to took a picture of it when we’re waiting for our Shinkansen to come.
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3) Unique experiences and amazing activities

Do you know the worst kind of feeling after a vacation? It’s the moment when you get back and you find out about a sightseeing spot or a unique experience that you didn’t do while on vacation! Why couldn’t you have planned it better? And often follows regret because you don’t know when you will be going back to that destination.

A travel designer will help avoid such situations because they have the inside info on amazing experiences and interesting activities for you to participate while you are on a vacation. They are destination experts and know all the fun and offbeat things to do so you don’t feel like you missed out.

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4) Personalize the trip itinerary to the entire group

It’s one thing to make peace with a flexible or impromptu trip plan when you are on a solo vacation but when a group depends on you to plan, you better do it well! You don’t want unhappy kids, or grumpy adults bored with nothing to do for them.

It is also very difficult to plan to keep in mind each person’s preference, as if it wasn’t enough that you took up the task of planning. At Voyayge, our travel designers will ask you for the preferences of all the travelers in your group and make personalized recommendations for them.

Yes, it’s as simple as that. Having a travel designer work on your trip itinerary ensures a happy group of travelers on a memorable trip.

5) Advice from a real person, not a bot

You will find a lot of travel packages online, or even free travel itineraries with a quick search on Google. But, how do you customize it? Who will you get in touch with to swap that attraction you don’t like with the sightseeing spot you want to?

A travel designer at Voyayge is a real person who is a destination expert and who is an experienced traveler. They will be able to answer all your questions, give you personal recommendations, and help you change your trip itineraries to the most suitable one for you.

Exploring Monument Valley
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6) Stick to your travel budget, no more surprises

If your ‘unplanned expenses’ budget head is more than other expenses, then you are doing it wrong. Yes, often travel can throw up unexpected surprises and you must include some room for unforeseen situations.

When you plan a trip with a travel designer you start off with a budget and they work around that budget for you. They will include how much each attraction ticket costs, average cost in restaurants, and prices of hotels. Finally, you will be left with just a few things to control – like your shopping! With everything under control, you could spend more on the stuff that gives you joy.

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7) One step ahead with attention to detail

Most travelers have encountered this scenario – you need to book an experience and you figure you will buy tickets when you reach the location, but it turns out that you need to have booked it 3-4 weeks in advance! Now, picture the disappointment, not a very good situation to be in, right?

A travel designer could help you avoid such situations by being ahead of things, stuff that might not even cross your mind. They give out tips for when to book activities, things to look out for when you are on the trip, and general advice on how to explore the destination.

8) You are in control of your trip, not someone else

One is bound to feel helpless when they have flown a midnight flight and reached a hotel only to have a problem with bookings. Calls to a travel company customer care or a travel agent in the middle of the night leaves you with no help. You eventually end up booking something on your own.

Situations like this crop up all the time which has made travelers wary of depending on someone while booking their travels. Especially now that you have an app or specialized website for every travel service. That’s why a travel designer from Voyayge is your best bet of staying in control of your trip, all they offer is specialized itinerary advice.

Plus, they have no interest in selling you a particular accommodation or experience, they get zero commissions out of it. Which is why all you get are the best recommendations for everything.

Boarding Pass
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9) Save money on customized trip planning

Often personalized or bespoke service is synonymous with expensive rates, and it can be an additional expense especially if you are on a budget trip. At Voyayge our travel designers help you with personalized and custom travel itineraries with rates starting at $25/day. They are the most competitive rates out there for expert guidance and top-notch planning.

You could save all that money despite having the best travel plan for your vacation. You could plan to splurge all those extra savings on souvenirs or special experiences.

10) No stress

Do we say more? By now you obviously realize that having a travel designer from Voyayge plan your next trip is going to be best money you will spend on your vacation. You get to have a stress-free holiday because everything is already planned for you and your travel companions. You are going to have a happy bunch of people, on an amazing vacation that will serve you with memories of a lifetime.

Still have any concerns about hiring a travel designer to plan your next trip? Reach out to us and we can help you to sort out your queries and find you the right travel designer with Voyayge.