More than bachelorette destinations, it is about the precious time that you get to spend with your loved ones. While the destination is important, a bridal party should primarily have a destination that allows for both relaxation and indulgence with parties, live music, and fun activities.

1) Las Vegas

Without a shadow of a doubt, Las Vegas is one of the best bachelorette party destinations. Apart from pool parties, and nonstop entertainment to spending nights at hot nightclubs, Las Vegas also has delicious food options. Visiting Las Vegas will make sure that you can plan fun activities throughout the day.

What to do: Las Vegas is one of the fun bachelorette party destinations in the world. In Las Vegas, you can never get bored and here is a glimpse of how your days in Las Vegas will look like -

Join the best pool parties: The party vibes that you get from pool parties are simply unmatched by any other.

Lively night outs: Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps. In fact, if you are a party animal then make sure to not miss out on the night parties and concerts.

And don’t miss out on the culinary experience; the city has a plethora of top-chef restaurants and unique dining experiences.

2) Miami

One of the best beach bachelorette party destinations in the US, Miami is filled with happening events and activities. You cannot have a dull moment with your besties in Miami. You can see the cultural side,  have boat parties or just enjoy the feel of the city.

What to do: Miami is full of activities. You can visit concerts, go on boat parties, or even enjoy live music with the DJ. If not, you can just have a quiet time on the beach. This is what makes Miami one of the best bachelorette party destinations in the country.

Depending on what kind of day you want, you can visit a hotel for a relaxing time and recall your old memories with your besties, or you could head to the beach and sunbathe.

3) Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a dream destination for a bachelorette party. During the day, you can go to beaches or get some wedding shopping done. When the night approaches, you can visit nightclubs and have a gala time with #TeamBride.

What to do: Here's some of the fun bachelorette trip things that one can do in the 'city of angels':

Relaxing at the beach: Nothing comes close to spending a lovely day at the beach with your friends.

Shopping: The city has all sorts of shopping avenues, starting from high-end designer stores to quirky boutiques with any array of wedding apparel.

Wine tasting: Los Angeles has some amazing vineyards close to the city where you can enjoy a tasting session with the girls and who knows maybe choose the wine for the wedding!

4) Palm Springs

The most popular state in the USA for bachelorette parties seems to be California, with Los Angeles and Napa Valley featuring amongst top destinations for bachelorette trips. Another destination that is added to the roster of exciting destinations in the past few years is Palm Springs.

What to do: There is much to do in Palm Springs and it all starts in a all-inclusive resort. The city has tons of resorts with pool and spa services that can have your girls bond over pedicures and facials.

Don't miss out on hiring a professional photographer for capturing the trip memories amidst the iconic desert landscape of Palm Springs.

5) New Orleans

The list of the best bachelorette party destinations is incomplete without adding New Orleans. One thing that you will notice instantly as you step into the city is its vibe. The atmosphere as well as the nature of people here is just super awesome.

What to do: New Orleans is well known for its art, culture and natural spaces. You can plan a day out with your friends to the French Quarter and downtown NOLA, to watch mesmerizing art and beautiful gardens.

NOLA has an indescribable vibe that is best experienced in Bourbon Street where the drinks flow free and the music is wild.  

6) New York City

No matter what time of year it is, you can visit New York City anytime. New York has everything that a bachelorette needs. Shopping, music, party, and late-night outs – you can do everything in this city. This is what makes New York, one of the best bachelorette party destinations.

What to do: New York is the city that never gets tired. You can start with a walk or cycling around the city, move to bars, catch a comedy show, and you can end your day with a delicious dinner.

The home of 'Sex and the City' make sure you go on a SATC bus tour that is a hot favorite with bachelorette parties.

In New York, you will never run out of options for entertainment. Even the wide range of cuisine across restaurants is simply rare to find anywhere else. This city is undoubtedly the best place to plan a perfect bachelorette.

7) Nashville

The growth of Nashville into a hip-city is quite noteworthy, and with no second thought in mind, you can place this city in the best bachelorette destinations in the country.

What to do: Do not miss an opportunity to visit pubs and nightclubs. The city of music has multiple options but the best option for a bachelorette party would be to head to a Honky Tonk where you can truly let your hair down!

Another highly recommended activity to do here is the 15-person bike splash. Go ahead and try it out with your bride team and thank us later.

8) Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Mexico is among the best beach bachelorette party destinations that one can ask for. A bachelorette destination should have a beach, party, good food, and lots of relaxing time. Cabo San Lucas in Mexico has all the boxes ticked for your dream bachelorette party.

What to do: Every person in your bachelorette party has something to do in Cabo San Lucas. Chart a private boat or yacht and sail across the serene waters of Cabo to enjoy the scenic views, snorkel, dive, or just laze and look out for whales, pelicans, and sea lions.

The resorts in Cabo San Lucas are renowned for their hospitality and you can even organize private cooking lessons, wine tasting sessions, and boozy brunches for a memorable time.

9) Negril, Jamaica

Look no further than Jamaica which is one of the best Caribbean bachelorette party destinations of all time. The people in Jamaica are super-friendly and you must go on local tours to experience the natural beauty of the country. But when you are back from admiring the tranquil beauty, you know there's a party waiting for you in the clubs!

What to do: Jamaica has a lots of waterfalls that feel like you are in a tropical paradise. Book a private tour to one of the remote waterfalls and enjoy the place to you and your party.

All-inclusive resorts are a big deal in Jamaica but if you can, you must splurge in a villa or a opulent home just for you and your group so you can spend your time there in luxurious privacy.

These are some of the highly recommended places to plan a bachelorette. We hope that you have a fantastic time planning a bachelorette trip to these destinations. At the end of the day, it is people more than the place that makes us happy.

We know how difficult it is to plan a bachelorette trip which satisfies all the members of the group. But here at Voyayge, we help create an itinerary for you that will include the requirements of each member. Get in touch with us for your bachelorette trip itinerary for a lifetime of memories!